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While I usually don’t discuss conspiracy in this blog as some may be too much of a stretch, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any imagination towards what leads to it, or what it may have meant; however, I am not immune to what some people may have thought of me in not so civilized forms as my opinions may not be aligned with them to core, nor would they ever paid any respect with dignity of any kind. Instead, they optef to outright degrade my existence in such a degree, that any defense from me would only further infuriate them to the point of no return until my utter destruction and perishment from tbe face of the earth. Sounds weird, bizzare, and nonsensical, right? Alas, such conspiracy do exist, I kid you not, as there are numbers of individuals and organizations who have been slighting my contribution in society, so much so that tbey would use any means possible to not only antagonize me, but would be willing to commit in such physical and emotional harms until their goal of ridding me out of any world if I ever appear. If this sounds a bit too paranoid, you really have no idea what sort of life I have lived in tbus far.

My first entanglement, if my memory serves correctly, would have to be via my own father, whom in spite of being a smooth talker with his now-deceased friend, he has never thought of anything unless it’s to hsving all attentions and focuses be twilted towards him in its entirety, which includes S&Ls and any financial ties may or may not have involved with him, and attempted to confiscate all into his exclusive keepings. While I admitted that I may have been overspending on many things, or too easily be taken advantages of with trustng the liars’ words, and perhaps I have always been headstrong with certain ideas I have made, by denigrading my contributions based upon a fallacy of claiming my existence is a nature’s error have not only scarred my trust towards humanity and my social network in such degree that, to put it bluntly, have faith on not only to those who I care about the most, whether it is a person or a system, until all records about me are utterly sanitized, as if my name and personality have never been existed. Does that sound rather familiar with any of those other conspiracies to commit murders and genocide? Now do you see where I am going with? It’s blatantly obvious that tbeir “ultimate solution” for me is to find the most sordid method only a psychotic mass murderer would dream of: Put me into a nuclear warhead only after committing the following treacherous acts:

  1. Coldcot and beaten me within one-one hundredth inch of my life via any means necessary to ensure that I won’t survive,
  2. Mummify me with duct tape after being strapped on a straitjacket so tightly that hardly get any sort of breaths in,
  3. Stuff me into a reinforced frame, pour 10 tons of shrapnel-cement combination mix after being further tightened with 3 megatons of castiron chains – all the while I am forced to watch the entire process even after my lifeforce have already been left to see the Heavenly Father,
  4. And finally, load me up into the nuclear warhead, add up millions of tons of C4s and drop it in the heart of a certain dictatorial country for an unceremonious Viking funeral, all the while my optics is still being forced to witness such grand assault – and witness the end of the entire Korean Peninsula and perhaps the destruction of the Northwestern China and the entire East Asia alongside Alaska, and half of the Pacific Northwest.

When I start grumbling about certain things not being done without getting on my nerves, may I make this point crystal clear that the target of those tirades has always been and always be on me, and not the person who perpetrated the triggering. Why? That individual would have to do something so maliciously in order to stop my simple goal of “in, out, gone in a flash” by “intentional grounding” this one-man motorcade in any means necessary, so much so that they would commit such atrocity like a serial murderer. If you think that I am merely imaging them, you’re missing the point. I don’t really have much of a childhood, call my cynical, but the only memories I’ve had rarely been the happier times as they were few and far between, thus triggering the sorts of frightening personas with radically jaded in world”s views. Therefore, you really don’t want to be in a very lousy mode by trying to abort my motion, or the only you’ll see almost immediately is my immobility with my face turned into a hell-bound Undertaker. I kid you freaking not, sadly.

In truth, the rants above actually leads to a larger narrative of how conspiracy theories have done to the world of politics and in life with such negative velocity, and how to differentiate a conspiracy from reality, especially during the so-called “post-modern” movement that is attempting to whitewash historical facts into mythology. In doing so, the conspiracy theorists claims their twisted logic as their truth while they rebuild communities with their “alternative facts” – at a great cost. We look no further with our example than the “presidency” of one Donald Trump and the rise of “alt-right” movement, as well as the controversial arguments concerning force-feeding medicinal marijuana dispensaries in neighborhoods that little or no interests for such idea. Yet, those who are promoting such ideals would not just take “NO” for answers, and then attempting to brainwash the greater populations by misleading them into believing the opposition as hate groups, “fake” news, devil, and any other derogatory and insensitive comments, all for the sole purpose of drumming up populism to sway the opinions of the general public; as a result, such forms of populism cause a rift in society, and subsequently ends in total chaos.

One must be pondering when and how this saga began. In spite of some believes that the advent of internet forum called 4chan, among other things, as the culprit; however, the initial warning of post-modernism was originated in the form of the Confederate loyalists and their entrenched supporters , whom firmly believe in claiming exclusivity on virtually everything on this planet and are willing to “purify” the world until only Whites rules the planet. Then, there is the “Communism International”, countries like aforementioned North Korea, China, and Russia all firmly believe that inequalities in society are caused by the imbalance in wealth distribution and corruption caused by capitalism, therefore virtually all of so-called “Western” civilization must collapse under their grasp.  Let’s not forget the Islamic radicalism and, sorry to say this but, even the NRA has its own version of conspiracy, to which they claim that “the government will take the guns away from citizens”with their eventually goal of “forcing everyone to have firearms regardless of whether every non-firearm owners want it at all”, as they have firmly, yet mistakenly, believe that simple notions of “the best way of fighting evil with a gun is a ‘good’ guy with a gun” and “gun matters, and to hell with safety”, never mind every cults throughout the history of mankind who firmly believe that government is the greatest threats to their survival. The culmination of all these conspiracy theories, to rather bluntly summarize it, cause more destruction on society than any natural disaster known to man.

If there’s any blatant evidence that tells you how our society and social justice have become utterly distorted, look no further than a short story that I’ve had read during my high school years called “The Lottery”. In that story, the author told a tale about how a newly arrived family lost one of their children because the community had blindly participated in a long-forgotten practice of stoning. You must be thinking why I decided to use this tale into this conversation, or whether this story has any relevance at all, may I remind you that what sorts of distortion that we are facing in our society as of late, all because certain people decided to rebel against the very social and economic structure that has prospered even to them, using the very system against the establishment in the attempt of using populist rhetoric to decimate the establishment and their supporters. Once the new norm has been established, enter the propaganda and split the society with such intolerance that eventually spilled into race wars, genocide, or the destruction of once diverse nations where all expressions were civilized.  Call me “bible-thumping” all you want, however, the backstory of “The Lottery” has to do with how that community had not only forgotten the original intent of stoning that was written in Chapter 7 of the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament, which spelled out the circumstances that led to the stoning of Achan, son of Carmi, grandson of Zabdi, great grandson of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, but that community had blindly followed what they thought it was just merely a “tradition “, which is another issue that bothers me so much as those who blindly believe and follow those conspiracies and claim them as facts.  In the movie “V for Vendetta”, Evey Hammonds was caught in the middle of a political resistance against the tyrannical UK government that was ruled by far-right politics who have engaged in fear mongering and media manipulation by conspiracy theorist media complex, engaging off-book torture and prison abuse.  This is merely the tip of the iceberg, and nothing is immune from such issues.

Not so long ago, I’ve written couple of articles in related to professional wrestling that I have briefly mentioned my views towards certain points of view from internet wrestling fandom; what I didn’t mention was how far they have taken to ensure solely their views are the “official” version while attempting to silence those who don’t agree with them.  If trying to comment about political situation is any indication, sports and entertainment critics via internet definitely share the same problems that I’ve mentioned above.  Just because another person doesn’t agree with your views doesn’t mean that that other person’s views can’t exist at all.  Instead of taking those opinions as constructive criticisms, certain sections of internet fandom opt for needless and spineless verbal jousts that consist of bigotry and death threats against anyone and everyone who don’t concur with their views, and some of them are willing to engage physical and psychological violence even though such means of actions are considered as criminal acts.  I once posted a comment concerning some anti-Obama protests a few years ago that some protesters brought Nazi flags with them, and someone demanded me to take back or being reported to Facebook.  Honestly, I’m calling spade to spade with the issue at hand and that individual attempts to silence me, and this isn’t the only time that happened.  In another comment I’ve made on a video that I’ve watched on YouTube about what has been happening in Hong Kong as of late, another bloke opted to spill spiteful comments with physical threats made against me, same issue repeated after I made a counterpoint towards the Lesnar/Taker Wrestlemania 30 match decision to end the latter’s streak.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one who have been on the receiving end, former AMC/Collider Movie Talk host John Campea have also received similarly threatening and vile messages in numerous occasions after making his reviews on movies that he has watched on opening nights or critics screenings, and he has finally had enough with some of the backlash towards the most recent Star Wars movie ‘The Last Jedi”.  All these instances, those vile sections of internet entertainment community behave in mirror to the political trolls by treating other people’s comments as conspiracy theories to silence them, to the point that they are willing to violate constitutional rights laws in order to silence those in opposition, to which where it mirrors what I have mentioned in the beginning of my article.   This type of ideology is the very reason why it is imperative that we, the people of THE WORLD, must stamp any sorts of conspiracy theories out of our civilization or there won’t be any civility left as they, conspiracy theories and those who blindly follow that, will consume us in the vilest degree.  

Before I publish this article, I would like to inform you that the only way to stop me into thinking any sort of conspiracy theories is to just let me do my job and give me constructive criticism, any sort of questioning my motive other than giving civilized discussion will leads to the above-mentioned conspiracy.  Otherwise, you don’t want me to say “I’ve told you f***ing so!!!”

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