The Political Garbage Chute | A Politcalocalypse!

For those who have been an undying loyalty to what NRA has always been, yet not even being able to recognize that the current rhetoric about having more guns roaming free in your house with blatant disregard towards gun safety, I have said this before and I’ll say it again, all you are really doing is to create the sort of fire hazards that could destroy the entire neighborhood, the entire city, an entire region, and entire state, or the whole nation, if there is a leak of natural gas manes that explodes in front of you (i.e., The San Bruno Fire in 2010).  While I do not have a gun, nor I would like to have one, quoting a dialogue from the last mini-movie called “Dead-shot” in “Batman: Gotham Knight”, “even I can appreciate the attraction of a gun, the heft, the sleekness, the cool steel, the precision, the power – the power to change lives, history, the power of God.”  While I acknowledge that the likes of Ted Nugent and the leadership of NRA would rather have all Americans to be armed ever so heavily that they can be considered as “a well balanced diet”, by not even recognizing the tragedies in series of accidental shooting caused by toddlers on the parents of the same family should realize that the longer your firearms does not have a safety that restrict the type of people who uses it, more tragedies will appear on the 6 O’Clock News in a daily basis.

The Political Garbage Chute | A Politcalocalypse!.