A message of empathy to the far right

For those who had thought that the Civil Rights era is long departed, we are sadly being reminded by efforts of creating an artificial voter fraud issues which produced voting restriction laws designed by those government officials who would rather return this country to the Segregation era or much worse, with all other races would land on one of three categories: dead, dying, or enslaved for eternity. This is not what either America & Christianity or both are all about, nor what the American Dream is being limited to. Enriching the already wealthy while being criminally neglecting the poor has never been what Christians like them should do, unfortunately, the Mormon conspirators and the Far Right have essentially hijacked the entire conversation of what made America special. Rather than praising the working family for building this country with blood, sweat and tears, these Confederate loyalists have pressed hard with total privatization of the whole nation, to the point that only the wealthy racists individuals who firmly believe in the false notion of only the Aryan Mormon conspirators and Hitler’s followers deserve to be in God’s Kingdom, all the while they have placed the portraits of Ayn Rand & Adolf Hitler on their walls and proclaimed as God Almighty. What those people really reminds me of? The likes of Koch Brothers, Mitt Romney, and Rand Paul reminds me to those of the Pharisees 2000 years ago, and those two sets of people’s behaviors mirror each other when dealing with the poor, the sick, the elderly, and immigrants from around the world who needs assistance – as in the wealthy cannot stand dealing with the weak and vulnerable. Let me tell you something, Jesus never discriminated any of weak & vulnerable when he walked in this world, nor does the Kingdom of God, so THEREFORE, those who assumes God only cares about the wealthy and pro-Nazis are PLAIN WRONG.