The image issues



The following comment is made in response of one who thinks I am making money off the companies that I have images includes in my commentaries, PLEASE READ MY RESPONSE CAREFULLY.  THANK YOU.

Someone had just made a comment about the images I have used might actually considered as “copyright infringement”, and the person may suggest to report me to the authority.  So with that in mind, let me make this formal declaration before I continue my blogging.  Here we go:

The images I used in this blog are used in an non-commercial aspect, which means that at no point in time I am making any money out of those images, NOT ONE PENNY, Au contraire, I only uses those images with the sole-intention of raising the awareness to the products.  However, I will indicate where those images are originated periodically.

Therefore, since most of those images are in the public domain, I will keep using those images as long as I don’t intend to take a dime from anyone in any manner.  With that said, may I get back to blogging with those images already instead of constantly being watched over for every little thing I am trying to do? Where I am writing from, this is the type of disclaimer that separates those who are making money on a commercial basis and those who are not, which I am the latter in my case.  Therefore, please back away from such threats.  Thank you.

I have my fun talking about it, now have your say, but keep it civil, not trolling.

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