Special announcement 1/23/2012




As you may have aware of my intention with this blog in sharing opinions and viewpoints, and I appreciate all the supports and criticisms in spite of the differences in opinions.  However, you might have noticed that I have not brought my full attention in doing exclusive coverage in my specialties, which I wanted to do for quite some time as well but haven’t had the chance to do so.    Therefore, I am hereby making a major announcement on the day of my 36th birthday, that I am developing a specialty blog to carry the wall-to-wall coverage in two of my specialties, which is obviously named JCN GokaiNet 2, and it will be part of the JCN GokaiNetwork.

So with regards to this announcement, there will be plenty of questions that needs answers, from what that announcement means for this site in the near future; whether I will shut down this website in favor of the other site/network page; or even with whether there will be another expansion for much later time.  With that said, I want to point out that this site is not shutting down anytime soon.  In fact, as long as I am able to provide my commentary towards events that come across the wire, I will keep on writing my articles until my ability to write ceases.  One word of advice for those who think that I’m in all rage with no brain, I don’t write my columns and commentaries for that purpose, instead I will continue to break down the issues as always and provide my analysis.

Now, you might all be thinking of how much video contents I have obtained over the last decade, and how far my football coverage is going to be.  As far as my video contents goes, I have at least 600 DVDs in my collection that can be used for my reviews, providing much of the archives are still in tact from my storage. Like I have done with this blog, I will also make some mentioning on the contents I have obtained.  As for my soccer coverage, I actually have my source of coverage to add into that blog in form of Soccerway.com, which has the biggest soccer coverage that I can lay in as much coverage as possibly adding into that site – unless I run into some sort of content issues.

So with that said, I will keep you inform on these updates, and I will make another announcement when that site is officially launched.

Until then ….


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