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If there’s one gift that may seems to be very unusual on the surface, and yet if the actual contents within it contains a message of some sort, I would categorize that sort of gift, for the latter of a better analogy, is called “a message in a bottle”.  Normally, when someone is shopping for a gift, the usual targets often looks very obvious to everyone’s eyes.  However, in this economic climate, some of the stores that have been frequented and accustomed to visit once upon a time have since been closed down.  For me, that was especially true when Borders closed its door at all of its known location across the nation due to bankruptcy filing.  As a result, I have lost the majority of ideas for Christmas gifts, and thus turned to a type of solution that would normally reserves for archival purposes.

Needless to say, this idea is not always the best idea on the surface.  However, since Borders and Virgin Records have departed from my usual shopping areas, my list of finding gifts is literally severely handicapped as a result, and therefore,  I don’t really have too much of an option unless it’s to buy a random substance online.  And the fact that I am severely limited in my budgets in the aftermath of what happened last year, I swear that this option becomes my only option left.  Therefore, I was reduced to come up with a 3-disc special music CD collection that, for someone like myself who made my mistake on how to reveal my unequivocal admiration in a lifetime ago, I hope this collection would be able to figure out what I want to tell her through those songs.

While I know what you must be thinking that I may have been jumping the gun a bit by speeding up the special day by 2 months, let me be quite honestly to say this now that I believe that my lifespan may be much shorter than expected – even though some of you may have thought I look quite healthy.  For the lack of a better term, I am not getting too many second chances and not getting any younger anytime soon.  So, as I am heading towards my 36th birthday in the upcoming year, I hope the person who received those music from me realize that not only I adore her since the first time we met, but if God would allow this to happen, I want to be with her for the remaining time – while having the type of family that “I would not feel that I need to fight against City Hall 24/7/365”  like I have now – as much as I like my parents for what they have done for me throughout my lifetime, but at the same token, the ugliness that have shown on me and the rest of my family & relatives might kill me much sooner than later, either physically or emotionally.

So that’s my take for now,  more to come later …… until then.

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