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Apparently, it seems that certain someone (you know who you are) wrote back on my column on the first Vs. article, and I hate to say it, I DID SAY PART OF MY COMMENTS CAN BE CONTROVERSIAL in my introduction page.  Here’s the kicker, I DID READ THE ENTIRE LORD TAYLOR REPORT AND ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED ON 4/15/1989 before I wrote the article, and BTW, I literally had to dig something from my archive and paste it for my revision as I felt the first version was just a “stand-by” to the real article, and that certain somebody gave me something to make my revision possible.   In addition, I do not mind the changes on the hosting front on World Football Daily, as in contrast to certain someone who made that comment before I ended up deleting.

So that’s my opinion after reading everything I can think of about the whole bloody subject, not yours, and therefore, stop trolling me left and right about it, and if that individual insists on bringing an army to make I would forever be silenced in any means necessary, I hope you have a very good lawyer to defend you in CRIMINAL court because I will bring that type of operation down to the very core.  Therefore, please don’t make that same mistake like the one you did before, because my operation is much smaller as it’s in its infancy.

Lastly, if and when I decide to bring in someone as a moderator, I will make that formal announcement at that time.  My opinions that are made in this site/blog are exactly that: my opinion as an individual, not as a group.  In the meantime, please bear with me on my comments as, thus far, I am the only person working on this project, AND STOP DICTATING ON WHAT OPINION I CAN WRITE ABOUT, IT’S MY BLOG.

Thank you very much.

Until then …..

p.s.: I would like to make this last point very clear, especially after the fact that I’ve been shouted down way too often throughout my lifetime, I have decided to make the initiative by declaring war against those who try to shut me down in any means necessary.  Therefore, anyone who tries to shout me down will get grilled on my future entries.  Enjoy!

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