The Jewish connnection

As I am writing this short post, one thing about me that is not too well known unless it’s to anyone who went to Lincoln High School in San Francisco with me in the early 1990s, is that there is a Jewish connection in my high school days – even though I was never officially being taught by him around that time, my cousins surely were his students in the years prior at Lowell High School.  In truth, if anyone who went to that school with me around that time would actually know who that person was.  Dr. Reuven Jaffe, who had taught my two cousins at Lowell just a few years prior, was my homeroom teacher at Lincoln, and truth be told, he was part of the reason why I have tried very hard to contain my rage in school before causing even more damages than Godzilla, which BTW was also little known to many of my friends.  Another thing about him was that he often threw an annual party after the school year was over (which I don’t remember if he had done one when I was graduated in 1994, as I had to go to Los Angeles on the day after my graduation – the infamous June 17, 1994 incident with O. J. Simpson)  Even though I wasn’t the best student during my school days at any stretch of imagination, I have a certain level of respect towards him and his family – in spite of being in different culture and religion than his.

At certain point of time, I have often wondered what he would have advised me if I have any trouble brewing in my lifetime.  At the same time, I have always worried if I may have been intruding his time with his family.  It’s been almost 20 years since last time I have seen him, I wonder if he is still around ……

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