Pro Wrestling

My history with Pro Wrestling (or Sports Entertainment, as defined by World Wrestling Entertainment), though limited to what I’ve been able to watch strictly on one of the following methods in the last 30 years:

  1. On-air television (UPN/Syndication)
  2. Cable telvision (via Comcast, AT&T U-verse, DirecTV)
  3. Online subscription and other online media (WWE Network, NJPW World) 
  4. Home Videos (WWE DVDs and Blu-Rays sales prior to advent of WWE network)

Initially began watching dated back when I was still in Hong Kong during a short period in the late 1980s during WWE’s “Rock ‘n Wrestling” era, and when I came to the United States towards the end of June 1989, I picked up my viewership fron July 1989 and followed it as close as religiously as possible ever since – albeit not going into a live event due to safety and economic concerns.  While I am a bit opinionated in my own way, as well as understanding the concept of “kayfabe” over time, though some certain members of “internet wrestling community” have accused me as nothing short of being “WWE biased”, if not something much worse like “company tool” and what not, I have always considered myself as a “wrestling neutral” in the most simplistic approach.  Regardless of the “allegeance” (which I barely use that term at all since I have none) on whichever promotion I fancy to watch, what really matters is able to see how they entertain me whichever format catching in my eyes.  With that said, please enjoy these articles below.

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