The decade-old vision of creating a true website that reflects my views toward society, entertainment, sports, and anything else has finally arrived in the form of JCN GokaiNet.  Born and raised in a family that has a long tradition of keeping opinions only to be reserved within the family, the whole purpose of this site is very simple: to convey the type of discussion and commentaries in the best ability (by the grace of God) that otherwise gets shouted down constantly by my family while trying my best not to go overboard and subsequently ends up making more enemies than I really need to.  Some of you must be pondering why someone like me, who has the presence of mind to build this site, and yet there was no mentioning of my college degree at all.  To be absolute blunt and frank, for the lack of a better term, I would say that I don’t really do too well with constraints; and I have to admit that perhaps I am too “out of the box” thinker to allow all those constraints to hold my creativity down forever.

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