Article withdrawal & Blog update #(I forgot the number related to the update)

When I was doing an article with related to gun control issue, I inadvertently posted an unfinished article before completing them.  This issue requires a lot of researches from Kindle books and online sources that I have yet to dive into it, so I am deleting the incomplete version from social media and will be published as soon as I have finally divulged in full.  

This is a quick note to update you why I would pull something out of circulation, I have a lot of opinions about this issue but I am not immune from posting an incomplete stuff in error.  That’s all for now, and please enjoy my archive posting in the meantime.  I’ll be back with a brand new article coming soon, just hope I can finally find the time to finish them as I have drafted just as much as I had posted at this point.

Godspeed, everyone.